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Welcome. We’re, and we’re disrupting the traditional financial model with your help. Our token is only for people who aren't the 1%ers.  During the early part of the 2010's the United States had an uprising where people took to the streets in protest of income inequality.  We look to use cryptocurrency to allow people of the same mindset to trade with each other personally or through their small businesses.



We are looking to build a network of businesses and a community of individuals who would like to use their spending power to support small business in their community. Using our token ensures your purchases and exchanges never make it into the hands of the big banks. This means a contract between community partners setting their own prices and trade with the 99token. We are a blockchain based token on the Tron network which means you can always find out where your tokens come from and where they go. Lets make the future bright together and take back what we still control while we can.


"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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